Tuning Your Body Clock for A Healthy Life

Scientists from leading universities across the globe such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard report that the importance of sleep is severely underrated by people worldwide. Modern people do not get enough sleep and do not sleep (1) in accordance with their biological clock. This has the potential to lead to significant health problems, (2) debilitation in work performance, and a general lower quality of life.

The onset of many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity is (3) correlated with poor sleeping patterns. Scientists have an abundance of empirical evidence demonstrating the importance of following the body's biological clock; for instance, experiments have shown that people quickly become pre-diabetic after just a few weeks of working night shifts.

Furthermore, Dr. Akhilesh Reddy from the University of Cambridge cites a study performed at the University of Oxford, which reveals that women who have worked 30 or more years of night shifts are at twice the risk of breast cancer as compared to those who have never done so.

In order to help one's body (4) be more attuned to an appropriate sleep cycle, Professor Czeisler from Harvard University recommends that a person refrain from using computers, smartphones, and tablets a few hours before going to bed. In addition, reducing overall light exposure in the evening to sources such as energy efficient light bulbs will significantly help one fall asleep more easily. The reason for this is that diminished light exposure is critical for the release of melatonin, the hormone responsible for helping one fall asleep.


許多疾病如癌症、心臟疾病、糖尿病、肥胖和糟糕的睡眠模式相關。科學家有豐富證據証明人體生理時鐘的重要性;例如,實驗指出,僅僅幾個星期的夜班工作後,很快就會讓人變成糖尿病前期患者。此外,英國劍橋大學的雷迪博士引用牛津大學進行的一項研究,揭示了從事30 年以上夜班的婦女得乳癌的風險是從沒上過夜班婦女的兩倍高。

為了幫助身體調整一個適當的睡眠週期,哈佛大學教授切斯勒建議,睡前幾個小時應停止使用電腦、智慧型手機和平板電腦。此外,晚上減少光源,像是使用省電燈泡,可以明顯地幫助人們更容易入睡。這麼做的原因是,減弱光照並釋放褪黑激素,以及荷爾蒙負責幫助睡眠的關鍵 。


1.In accordance with


E.g. In accordance with their discussion, Sarah has prepared then contract.




E.g. Prolonged bed rest may lead to debilitation, chronic disability and increased difficulty with rehabilitation.


3.correlate with


E.g. The evidence does not correlate with your earlier story.


4.to be attuned to sth


E.g. A good manager should be attuned to the abilities of his / her team.




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